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Private Excursion to Ek Balam


Don’t want to spend 4 hours on a bus crammed full of other people? Do you want to explore an archaeological site where you can walk around quietly? We will bring you to Ek Balam in the fastest and most comfortable way on the new toll road, without any speed bumps or other time-wasting obstacles. 


Included in the tour is an archaeological guide who will go into detail about the history of the site, Mayan culture, and will be happy to answer all of your questions.


There is always a chance that it can get busy on a tourist attraction. That’s why when you choose to tour to Ek Balam with us we get you there quicker (in just 2 hours) so we can beat the crowds.

Our Ek Balam private tour from Playa del Carmen includes a visit to a beautiful, quiet cenote for swimming, and can be combined with either Valladolid or a visit to an Agave Distillery.

Combination possible with either

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