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What to do on Valentines Day in Mexico

Love, kisses, sand and a typical Mexican dinner... could there be anything better to celebrate Valentine's? *hint: no.

Playa del Carmen is the best place for you to be on Valentine's Day either if you do or don't have a Media Naranja, as we say in Spanish refering to our one true love (which translated means "half orange" - funny, huh?).

I'm sure you are thinking "OMG, yes! I love Mexico much more than I love my partner" and the reason may be because this beautiful country will never ask you to pick the kids up at the school because she's getting her hair done or either will let you know that he'll be back from work a little late, and it ends up being 3 or 4 hours later. Sadly, my dear readers, I have bad news for you: it is not possible to marry a country, but at least you can be the happiest couple in the world if you come to this magical city to spend this February 14th.

Playa del Carmen has so many things to do if your team only includes 2 people; for example:

  • Spend the day at a beach club. It is nice to go to the beach, speacially if you have a waiter, a beach-chair and a cocktail, right? Well, the following is a list of the beach clubs I recommend you to visit:

  1. Zenzi Beach Club (10th street with the beach).

  2. Indigo Beach Club (14th street with the beach).

  3. Coralina Daylight Club (26th street with the beach).

  4. Mamita's Beach Club (28th street with beach).

  • Have a meal at a nice restaurant. One of my thoughts is Nothing says "I love you" in a better way than good food does and I bet you all agree with me. That's why I want you to visit the places with the best food this young man has tried during his stay in Playa del Carmen:

  1. The Public Place (Plaza Paseo Coba, Playacar).

  2. Frida Kahlo Restaurant (8th street with 5th avenue).

  3. Cinco by Thompson Hotels (12th street with 5th avenue).

  4. La Cueva del Chango (38th street between 1st and 5th avenues).

  5. La Casa del Agua (2nd street with 5th avenue).

  6. Casa Sofia (Plaza Paseo Coba, Playacar).

  7. Sur Steak House (10th street with 5th avenue).

  8. Bovino's Churrascaria (12th street with 10th avenue).

  9. Almirante Pech (32nd street with 5th avenue).

  10. Plank (16th street between 1st and 5th avenues).

  • Go on a tour. This is one of the places with more history in the world, why not to visit the archaeological sites with your one and only and after that go swimming in a cenote or snorkeling with Sea Turtles?

What a coincidence it is that we are actually a tour operator! We'd be very pleased to join you to wherever you want to go with your soulmate. Plus, you'd be the only ones in the tour, is that not amazing?!

  • Go shopping. Let me guess, you forgot to buy the present, right? Ok, it's fine, it happens to all of us once in a while. Playa del Carmen has many stores where you can find the right V.D's present for your partner. Even if they like brands like Rolex or Hugo Boss, you will find the best gift in any of the 3 malls this city has: "Paseo del Carmen", "Calle Corazon" and "La Quinta Alegria".

  • Party at a nightclub. We all like to party once in a while, so this might be a good option to do it. Think of it: you, your partner, dancing all night long celebrating the love you feel toward each other... and all that in a nightclub on the Mexican caribbean! - it sounds like fun, right? Following there's a list of the best places I can sincerely recommend you to go to have a fun night with your lover:

  1. La Santanera (12th street almost with 10th avenue).

  2. B Roof at Be Playa (26th street with 10th avenue).

  3. Fat Tuesday Playa del Carmen (5th avenue between Juarez avenue and 2nd street).

  4. Abolengo (12 street with 1st avenue).

  5. Coco Maya Beach and Nightclub (1st avenue almost with 12th street).

Valentine's Day is meant to be shared with the ones that are special in your life, not just the one that calls you "Babe/Baby", "Sweetie" or simply "Love". This day is to share with the ones who dry your tears when someone breaks your heart and tell you "C'mon! Let's go have a beer and meet new hotties - you'll see he/she will not be on your mind by tomorrow". Yes, your friends.

Kay Tours' team wishes you the best Valentine's Day ever!


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