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How is the Weather in Cancun: Sunshine, Rain, and Hurricane

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Cancun, a jewel in the Mexican Caribbean, beckons visitors with its turquoise waters, sunny skies, and a vibrant culture. Yet, it's essential to know the weather patterns in this paradise, including when the rainy season occurs, the best time to visit, and how to make the most of your vacation even when it's raining.

The skyline of Cancun's hotel zone as seen from a boat with its vibrant turquoise colors of the water and the Mexican flag in the background.
Cancun's Hotel Zone as seen from our Crystal Cancun Tour

As a local who has been living in Playa del Carmen for 12 years, I have a good understanding of the area's weather patterns and how they can affect your vacation. My experience as a tour guide and tour operator has provided me with the knowledge to help travelers navigate the weather in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and make the most of their time here, rain or shine.

I know how challenging it can be to find accurate weather information, especially when planning for a vacation in a foreign country. Often, travelers make the mistake of relying too heavily on weather forecasts, which, as I've learned over the years, can be quite misleading due to the sporadic nature of Cancun's weather.

I empathize with your desire for accurate and useful information. That's why I've put together this comprehensive guide. It aims to help you understand the weather in Cancun better and intends to offer practical tips on how to make the most of your trip, regardless of the forecast. So, let's dive into this local's guide to making the most of the weather in Cancun.

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What's the weather in Cancun?

Understanding Cancun's Climate

In Cancun, expect semi-tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 26°C (80°F). During the hot summer months, temperatures can soar up to 37.7°C (100°F).

Cancun's Rainy Season: What to Expect

May to October marks the rainy season in Cancun. However, these rains usually manifest as brief, sporadic showers, often clearing up within 20 minutes. Despite the forecasts often predicting rain and thunderstorms, especially during this season, it doesn't mean you'll experience constant downpours. The weather's local and sporadic nature means it might be raining at your hotel but sunny at your tour destination.

Is it Rainy Season in Cancun and Riviera Maya Now?

For real-time updates, consider checking out local weather forecasts, or for a more visual approach, webcams situated around Cancun offer live footage of the current conditions.

What's the best Month to Visit Cancun?

The ideal time to visit Cancun depends on your preference. The region has two distinct seasons: the dry season, which runs from November to April, and the rainy season, which runs from May to October. If you favor warm temperatures and don't mind the occasional rain, the period from December to April, might be the best time for you. However, if you're not deterred by the chance of sporadic showers and prefer a less crowded Cancun, consider visiting during the rainy season.

The hurricane season overlaps with the rainy season, officially starting on June 1st and ending on November 30th. It's important to note that just because it's hurricane season, it doesn't mean that hurricanes will definitely occur, but tropical storms can occur during this period​​.

Weather forecasts and apps for this region can be somewhat unreliable, especially when it comes to predicting rain and thunderstorms. Quick, localized weather changes are common, and it might rain in one area while remaining sunny in another. The temperature predictions are usually more accurate​.

If you are looking for sailing activities, I found a Private Luxury Catamaran sailing tour that operates out of both Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It offers a 4-hour and an 8-hour charter, with both morning and afternoon hours. The tour includes snorkeling, paddleboarding, sailing along the coast of the Riviera Maya, snacks, and an open bar​​. It also offers the possibility to add private round-trip transportation to the port​​.

Does Cancun Rain Last All Day?

A common misconception is that rain in Cancun lasts all day. Contrary to this belief, Cancun's rainfall is usually localized and brief. It's not uncommon for a quick shower to be followed by bright sunshine. This sporadic weather pattern makes predicting the rain a challenging task, and as locals will tell you, weather forecasts are often wrong.

Weathering the Rain: Things to Do in Cancun

Don't let the rain dampen your Cancun experience. There's a multitude of indoor activities and experiences waiting to be discovered.

While sailing along the Riviera Maya on a private catamaran is certainly a fantastic experience, it's also a good idea to consider exploring inland attractions when the weather doesn't cooperate. Here are some excellent alternative activities you could enjoy on rainy days:

Chichen Itza Archaeological Site: This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, hosting the iconic El Castillo pyramid. It offers a remarkable insight into the ancient Mayan civilization and its architecture, astronomy, and rituals. The tour includes a private guide, transportation, entrance fees, and a gourmet lunch, among other amenities. However, please note that the tour duration is about 9 hours, so plan accordingly​.

Las Coloradas Tour: Head north of Cancun to the Yucatan Peninsula, where the man-made pink lakes of Las Coloradas provide a surreal and photogenic experience. These salt lakes are an Instagram favorite due to their unusual color, which ranges from pink to flamingo red. You can also combine this trip with a visit to the archaeological site of Ek Balam or a boat ride at Rio Lagarto. The latter option includes wildlife encounters such as flamingos and crocodiles, and even a Mayan clay bath, if you're interested. The tour includes a personal guide, transportation, entrance fees, and snacks in the van. Similar to the Chichen Itza tour, this excursion is also around 9 hours long​.

Explore the Hidden Depths: Underground Cenotes are an all weather experience.

The Riviera Maya's famous cenotes, natural sinkholes leading to subterranean water bodies, are perfect for exploring during a rainy day.

These tours offer enriching experiences that allow you to appreciate the cultural and natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula, rain or shine. Whether you're exploring ancient Mayan ruins or marveling at a pink salt lake, these on-land adventures provide a delightful contrast to Cancun's typical seaside activities.

Remember that the weather in the Caribbean can be unpredictable, and rain showers are often brief. So don't let a rainy forecast deter you from enjoying your vacation. The local perspective is that weather forecasts are often inaccurate, and a rainy morning doesn't necessarily mean a rainy day​​.

Cancun Weather: Embrace the Unexpected

In Cancun, the weather might be unpredictable, but that doesn't have to hamper your vacation. Whether it's basking under the sun or exploring the depths of a cenote, Cancun offers an array of activities to enjoy, come rain or shine.

Remember, the weather in Cancun is part of the adventure. So, whether it's a day of sunshine or a brief tropical shower, embrace the unexpected and enjoy your Cancun vacation.


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