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Tread Lightly: How to Protect Animals and Wildlife with KayTours

At Kay Tours we tread lightly everywhere we go. Whether we’re touring Mayan ruins, snorkeling in cenotes, or visiting remote places, we always take every step we can to avoid harming the planet or wildlife. We are passionate tour guides because we love Mexico and all that this region has to offer. We would never want to do anything to diminish the wildlife in these places.

TripAdvisor recently added a tag to let tourists know which companies feature animals. KayTours has a "features animals" tag, and we want to share our ethical practices to avoid harming animals so that no one finds this new tag misleading.

One of the most important things for KayTours to do is to protect wildlife, especially when it comes to animals. In the van during your tour, you’ll find information guides to the plants and animals in the region so you can see just how diverse the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan are.

How KayTours Protects Animals and Wildlife

Did you know straws are deadly for the environment and wildlife? All single-use plastic items are bad because they are only used once before being discarded to the trash. Plastics never biodegrade and take hundreds of years to break down. Plastic straws in particular end up in the ocean by the thousands. Plastic eventually separates into smaller and smaller pieces making it easier for plastic to puncture sea life or to be consumed. One sea turtle off the coast of Costa Rica was found with a plastic straw blocking its airway. Sadly, this is not a unique scenario.

1. At Kay Tours we always encourage guests to ask for a straw-free drink.

2. If possible, please bring a reusable water bottle with you instead of plastic. If you use a plastic bottle, always recycle.

3. When visiting remote destinations like Sian Ka'an, we always take our trash with us so that it’s our responsibility to make sure the trash goes to the correct place.

4. While we often come across animals or set out to view them, we make it explicitly clear that we never touch animals. We are only there to observe. During whale shark season, we try to avoid joining the group of boats. We never want to stress out the animals. We only approach sea life in small groups, and our sea captains are very aware of these concerns.

5. We avoid using sunscreen in the ocean so that we do not harm sea life with chemicals. If possible, please stick to all-natural products when heading outdoors.

6. We’re always thinking about how we can reuse something instead of wasting it. For example, we buy ice for the coolers in our vans and use the ice bag as our trash bag during the tour.

7. We educate all of our guests on the ways in which we protect the environment and wildlife as much as we possibly can. It is no secret that our actions have consequences, and we do our best to tread as lightly as possible everywhere we go.

How You Can Protect Animals No Matter Where You Travel

1. Never feed wild animals, touch them, or provoke them. It is great to see them, but it is important to remember to simply observe. When observing, always leave enough distance so you do not disrupt the animals and avoid making sudden movements.

2. Be mindful when sharing photos with animals in them. Do not share photos of animals that are captive or treated unfairly.

3. Only support organizations that respect animals and other wildlife.

4. Do not buy souvenirs that are made out of wildlife products, including threatened natural materials like turtle shells, feathers, or ivory.

5. Do not ride animals that are too young or too old. Never ride animals that are pregnant or nursing. If possible, avoid riding animals. Instead, try volunteering for them! For example, bathing elephants instead of riding them.

6. Never interfere with breeding sites.

Join Us For A Beach Clean Up!

The best thing we can do to protect wildlife is to give back to the environment through conservation.

Join us this Sunday to help KayTours clean up our beaches and raise awareness about protecting wildlife. We will be picking up trash this Sunday, May 7th at 8:30 a.m. at the mariner at the end of Av. Constituyentes in Playa del Carmen. Afterward we will be having brunch at Hotel & Restaurant Sol Playa. To RSVP to the event please visit our Facebook event.

If you have been on one of our tours, please include our fair treatment of the environment and wildlife in your review. We appreciate your effort in helping us raise awareness and keep the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan beautiful and thriving!

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