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The Best Coffee Shops in Playa del Carmen that have WIFI

While on vacation, we definitely recommend spending as much time unplugged as possible, but we live in a time where more and more people have fluid work schedules. We realize that sometimes you just have to send a few emails here and there or hop on a video call. Just as long as you spend some extra time snorkeling to make up for it!

Snorkel at two different reefs and make your own chocolate on our private tour to Cozumel Island!

Playa del Carmen and its surrounding destinations, like Tulum’s Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, and any of the many areas where you can swim with whale sharks are the reasons people spend their vacations in Riviera Maya. But it’s the love for the local culture, and the connection people feel with those around them—whether it be your tour guide, waiter or concierge—that keeps people coming back year after year.

So, when you need to hop on the Internet, check out the best coffee shops in Playa del Carmen that have WIFI. These shops were carefully chosen by Tour Guide Kay who is a coffee aficionado and cares about quality service. We guarantee that spending an hour or so like a local at one of these coffee shops will plant your heart in Riviera Maya for years to come.

Love authentic Italian coffee? You can grab anything from a traditional espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino to a delicious gelato affogato al caffe! Sabrina offers satisfying Italian staples on their menu, including paninis, pasta, pizza, and even fresh juices, but we recommend pairing a rich pastry with your caffeinated beverage of choice.

Location: Avenida Constituyentes entre Avenida 10 y 15

Clorofila is a green and vegan café. Grab a café Americano, espresso, or latte, or try a superfood juice. Everything is organic, and you can order raw food if that’s more your style. Clorofila can even prepare French delicacies to have with your coffee, like vegan chocolate-filled croissants. You’ll never believe it’s vegan!

Location: Calle 20 esq. Av. 30 norte 222, colonia Gonzalo Guerrero

Papa Charly has an amazing, open-air atmosphere that will keep you relaxed even if you do have to work. You can sip on any traditional caffeinated beverage, or go for something sweet like a moka or latte Chai. Papa Charly also makes Frappes, which may be popular amongst the kids!

Location: Calle 30 y Av 25

It comes as no surprise that Tiramisu has some of the best pastries and desserts in Playa del Carmen. Park your laptop on a table out front to enjoy people watching while your work.

Location: Avenida quinta con calle 40 y 42

Ah Cacao has several locations around Playa del Carmen and one location in Cancun. When in Mexico, you must try the Mexican coffee with chocolate and vanilla direct from the plantation. The dairy-free Chocolate Maya is a mix of cacao and exotic spices—this is a must-try!

Find the location nearest to you here.

Visit Chichen Itza with us and visit the Mayapan agave distillery afterwards!

So maybe Starbucks doesn’t have quite the charm and character of these other cafes, but if you miss your Starbucks drink from home, or you simply are nearby one, these shops will all have WIFI. And while they may have a more traditional menu, you can still experience a different feel in Playa del Carmen than you would at home. Cheers!

Find your nearest Starbucks here!

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