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Seaweed might be completely gone by December

Good news! The majority of the Riviera Maya has clean beaches again and we are very sure it has nothing to do with a floating barrier. Since last week there is no seaweed coming in.

Satellite picture of Playa del Carmen and Cozumel


Based on current observations from the SEAS websites it appears that the bloom intensity in the Caribbean Sea will continue to decrease in the coming months, and by November – December the bloom may be over.

The SEAS program a small research group from A&M Galveston (TAMUG) that specialize in Sargassum.

The Optical Oceanography Laboratory is stating on its website:

"Although the bloom decreased rapidly in September, the bloom extent in 2018 is still the highest during 2011-2018 for the Caribbean and the central West Atlantic. The reasons behind this record-high bloom, however, are yet to be determined.

Large Sargassum mats will be mostly confined in the northern Caribbean, while the southern Caribbean will be nearly free of such large mats."

Planning a white (beach) Christmas is not of the table. If you are planning your holidays in the Caribbean feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help you plan and give you advises where ever you might need them.

We would also love to see your pictures of the situation at the beaches you are visiting. Feel free to share some of them in our KTM-Community and help others getting a "better picture" of the surroundings.

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