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The two best rated tour companies in the Riviera Maya are merging

Dear Valued Guest,

from our hearts to yours, we are hoping you are doing well!

We are pleased to announce that as of today Living Dreams Mexico & Kay Tours Mexico will be joining forces.

As the top two ranked tour operators in Latin America’s premier travel destination, both companies carry a tradition of integrity in our stewardship over this paradise that we call home. We have long ago reached the conclusion that success is a secondary effect that derives from placing guest satisfaction as our top priority.

This merger combines the 2 leading companies on TripAdvisor in the Riviera Maya and will

improve the highest quality tour experiences even more.

About Living Dreams Mexico:

History - Living Dreams Mexico was born with the intention of providing high impact employment opportunities in Mexico with inertia from enriched employment opportunities translating into an unparalleled level of commitment on behalf of company staff. A level of commitment that would create a new standard of overall guest satisfaction for private tours in the Riviera Maya.

Expertise - As a company, our years of service industry experience in Chicago, Alaska, and Mexico city provided us with a level of guidance geared towards meeting and exceeding the highest level of expectations of even the most well-traveled of guests.

What makes LDM stand out? - In our private day trips, any form of upselling or upgrading is strictly prohibited. Once our guests allow us the opportunity to host them it is only about laying back and enjoying a day tailored towards the happiness of our guests.

What are we proud of? - Providing a business model that proves that success can be obtained without sacrificing the financial stability of hired staff.

Living Dreams Mexico is currently ranked #1 on TripAdvisor in the Riviera Maya.

About Kay Tours Mexico:

Our guests know our team as being devoted to providing greater care, paying attention to every detail, and being passionate about crafting a memorable and personalized tour experience.

Expertise - Kay’s experience, along with his passion for excellence, has ensured that his company is now one of the region’s leading private tour operators. Each member of our team is at least bilingual and has many years of experience working in the Riviera Maya area, guaranteeing our guests to receive the highest quality of service both during the planning stages of their day tour and during it.

What makes KTM stand out? - With transparency, honesty and kindness we are making a difference in providing experiences and lifetime memories. Our guiding principle is to make the day with us the best day of your vacation. What are we proud of? - We make our guests happy. There is nothing better than finishing the day and looking at the happy smiling faces of our guests.

Kay Tours Mexico is currently ranked #2 on TripAdvisor in the Riviera Maya.

How is the new merger going to affect the rates of the tours on offer? With our combined assets, we aim to curb any form of inflation related to operating costs. Our primary objective in the matter of rates is to be as competitive as possible without compromising any of the amenities that are deeply embedded in our reputation.

Does this merger create any benefits for me as a guest? The combination of our expertise, knowledge and moral values will provide our guests with even more exciting and memorable experiences.

Will I see the same faces/guides in future tours? Now more than ever we believe that the preservation of employment is vital towards preserving the fabric of communities worldwide. Our execution will place a very high emphasis on allowing guides as well as our unsung heroes in administrative and maintenance related positions to keep their employment

How will the merger affect the personalized service I am accustomed to receiving? Working together will only strengthen our ability to provide highly personalized service from the first contact. Our administrative and operative team are combining their experiences and knowledge and are therefore more than ready to deliver on our established standards of service. We are excited and looking forward to touring with you.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow Living Dreams Mexico on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Kay Tours Mexico on Facebook and Instagram.

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