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Kay Tours Mexico plastic bottle free

Since October 7, 2018, Kay Tours Mexico is free of plastic bottles.

Listen to this podcast and learn more how we became the first tour operator offering experiences with zero plastic bottles + more details on how everything started and our journey from sourcing to logistics on our.

"...we are the first tour operator in the Riviera Maya to offer reusable water bottles for our guests, replacing the common plastic water bottle."

Kay Tours has new reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles

For 7 years I have been fortunate to enjoy this paradise, which I consider my new home.

Every day, when I see the mangroves, the beaches, the lagoons, the cenotes, the flora and fauna of this beautiful place, I think about how important it is to keep them just as I find them. Many times I even think we have to leave it in a better state as we found them, because several times we find them polluted with cigarette butts, glass, plastic bottles and much more.

It happened in Sian Ka'an!

Among all sites we are visiting the biosphere reserve is the place which has the biggest impact on me, because of its scenery, animals and lovely people.

It was there where our guests kept asking why there is so much plastic on the beaches. Besides the fact that the majority is flotsam and jetsam we still find a lot of plastic waste, like bags for ice cubes, water and glass bottles and a ridiculous amount of cigarette butts. We find these items mainly at the typical places where tour operators and tourists are taking a break or stepping over from the vehicle to the boat.

In 2017 we used 2312 water bottles in our tours

It was there where I felt responsible and wanted to make a change. I wanted to give back and take care of what is giving us such pleasure and as a matter of fact providing a living for the majority of people living here.

We have always been taking our trash from our tours back to our office. We would always collect it in the plastic bag of ice cubes we bought in the morning in order to keep the beverages cold.

Tour operator goes plastic free

Since the beginning of 2018 Kay Tours Mexico is recycling all it's trash it is producing, by separating it and bringing it to the local recycling company. We are now finally able to avoid completely PET bottles. We are even producing now our own ice cubes (with purified water) so we do not have any plastic bags in our tours anymore.

"... we are replacing the common plastic water bottle."

For this reason, I am very happy to announce that we are the first tour operator in the Riviera Maya to offer refillable water bottles for our guests, replacing the common plastic water bottle.

Needless to say, that the bottles are being washed every day. You may compare it to eating at and using the cutlery of a restaurant. We do hand wash and sanitize our snorkel equipment and from now on as well the bottles.

We want our guests to leave Mexico with an experience in which they not only enjoyed the nature, but also also learned something how to take care of the environment.

What would be a better object than this refillable bottle to remember that we must reduce the consumption of plastic and we must take care of every action and every decision we make our daily life

"We have replaced single use bottles and will avoid over 3.000 plastic bottles per year."

We are ambassadors of mother nature. We are showing many people the beauty of this area and many times they see certain animals, or eco-systems for the first time. Making our guests aware and suggesting to change habits as simple as stop using plastic bottles, stop using a straw or in general single use packaging is our goal.

Fortunately we have much more alternatives without using plastic and we are very happy to know that this bottle is another option for the present and the future of our planet.

We are looking forward to seeing more companies replacing the plastic bottle. If we can avoid 3.000 bottles a year, imagine what a difference the big companies can make.

If you want to know more about Kay Tours Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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