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Changed tour itinerary for Las Coloradas

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Dear travelers,

we are now offering our tour to the pink lagoons a bit over a year and we are enjoying showing you these special places.


Pink Lagoon - Las Coloradadas - Yucatan, Mexico

Every time we are going there we are facing quite a challenge in regards to the travel distances, the time it takes us to get there and to accomplish our our journey in an adequate set of time. To give you a better understanding, here are the distances and travel duration:

Travel distance to Rio Lagartos or Las Coloradas from:

  • Playa del Carmen 235 km / 146 miles (3 hours)

  • Cancun 250 km / 155 miles (3 hours 15 minutes)

  • Tulum 205 km / 127 miles ( 2 hours 45 minutes)

The old tour itinerary was going to Rio Lagartos, boarding a boat going through the mangroves may be encountering a crocodile while passing through the channel towards the pink lagoons. Close to the pink lagoons we would see many times flamingos, which are one of the main attractions of this tour next to the pink lagoons. The flamingos are seen at the saline lakes as well. Then heading back to the village of Rio Lagartos getting back into the van and heading towards the village of Las Coloradas where we would a meet a local in order to get explanations about the saline lagoons.

At Las Coloradas, Yucatan the sea salt production company Industria Salinera de Yucatán S.A. of C.V. (ISYSA) is based. It is actually the 2nd largest salt production of Mexico with over 30,000 tons exported to the United States.

The locals are offering explanations about this area and their history.

It is quite interesting and we really like to give these young guys the chance to explain their local heritage. For the people working in the salt production it is an inheritance from their Mayan ancestors and they tell their stories proudly.

After that little tour at the pink lagoons we would head back towards the south and after an hour we would pass by the archaeological site of Ek Balam. This is one of my favorite archaeological sites, I really enjoy visiting.

After that we would pass through the colonial town of Valladolid in order to have lunch.

At this point is pretty late for lunch, so the last month's we were always sending sandwiches to have enough food for our guests to offer and still it was a long stretch.

Well, our guests wouldn't starve, I would not say that, but still it was always a long day until we have actually had some lunch.

We took the decision to have lunch at the end of the day, because of the logistic challenges. We did not have any other location for lunch places, except for Rio Lagartos, which is very small fishermen village. I have been there twice and every time I was eating there; let's say the quality of the food was just not meeting our tour standards. Therefore we preferred not to offer the food there. It was always a long stretch until we were able to offer a delicious lunch in Valladolid. That being said, we took the decision to take out the part of the boat ride from Rio Lagartos.

Besides, we believe if you are our interested in a chance to encounter crocodiles we actually prefer to recommend you out tour to Sian Ka'an.

Chances are there you can see these animals in their natural habitat at the national park of Sian Ka'an. Therefore we are from now on are not offering the boat ride from Rio Lagartos anymore.

American crocodile at National Park of Sian Ka'an, Quintan Roo, Mexico

American crocodile at National Park of Sian Ka'an, Quintan Roo, Mexico

Our tour schedule now is going straight to the village of Las Coloradas enjoying the the pink lagoons and taking pictures there, which is the main reason why people want to go there. On our way back we are visiting the archaeological site of Ek balam and then right on time we are visiting the colonial town of Valladolid enjoying an authentic Yucatec style lunch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write in the comment section below or send us an e-mail to:

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