This snorkeling set includes comfortable goggles and a snorkel that allows you to breathe easily, providing a worry-free diving/snorkeling experience.

Features: Tempered glass lens with anti-fog coating for clear underwater vision. Comfort silicone skirt and nose piece for a leak-proof fit. Adjustable double anti-slip straps are firmly fixed to the head. Polycarbonate frame for durability. Perfect for snorkeling and recreational swimming. Non-toxic silicone mouthpiece and purge valve provide comfort. Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged. Adjustable quick release tube buckle.

Professional Snorkel/Scuba Set Goggles and Snorkel different colors and bag

SKU: 1021
  • Mask - Hercules

    ✅High-end silicone frameless visor for diving and snorkeling

    ✅Fully adjustable swivel buckles

    ✅Tempered glass

    Snorkel - Antigua

    ✅ Quick Discharge Valve

    ✅ Semi-dry system that helps reduce water entry into the pipe

    ✅ Silicone Nozzle

    ✅ Viewfinder clip with quick release

    Bag included

    ✅Includes bag to carry and store the equipment

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